Heavy Equipment

We provide heavy mining equipment on hire . These include:


These are large construction machines used for excavation in mining. They are equipped with a bucket, arm, rotating cab, and movable tracks.


Extremely large earth-moving machines, draglines are used in surface mining operations for coal extraction. They use a large bucket suspended from a boom to remove overburden.


Used for making holes in the ground, these are essential for mining operations. They are used for extracting samples or for creating holes for explosives.


Bulldozers are used to move large amounts of overburden in mines. They are equipped with a large, flat blade in front and are very powerful.

Blasthole Drills:

These are used to create holes into which explosives can be placed. They are vital for breaking apart rock and minerals.

Wheel Loaders:

These are large loading machines with a front-mounted bucket. They are used for moving stockpiles and loading material onto transport vehicles.

Mining Shovels:

Shovels in mining are similar to excavators but are larger and have a more powerful digging force, suitable for tough mining conditions.


These machines are used to reduce the size of raw material, such as mined ore, which are very large.



Used for leveling and creating flat surfaces, graders are important in the construction of mine roads.

Dump Trucks:

Essential for transporting large amounts of material across mining sites, these trucks can carry large quantities of ore or waste material.

Each of these types of equipment plays a crucial role in the mining process, from exploration and excavation to transportation and processing.