A Remarkable 118 ha Lithium Mining Claim in Mberengwa – Near the Famed Sandawana Mine*

Exceptional Mining Opportunity in Mberengwa

  • Strategic Location: Our 118 ha mining claim is nestled in the heart of Mberengwa, a region renowned for its rich lithium deposits, and is in close proximity to the Sandawana Lithium Mine.
  • Advantageous Proximity: Benefit from the vibrant mining activity and geological understanding established by the nearby Sandawana Mine, operated by Kuvimba Minerals.
  • Rich Geology: Echoing the Legacy of Sandawana
  • Abundant Lithium Reserves: The geology of Mberengwa is characterized by rich lithium-bearing pegmatites, similar to those found at the neighboring Sandawana Mine.
  • Potential for High-Grade Lithium: Preliminary geological surveys suggest a promising concentration of high-grade lithium, essential for the rapidly growing electric vehicle and energy storage markets.
  • Why Choose Our Mberengwa Claim?
  • Proven Lithium-Rich Area: Positioned near Sandawana Mine, a testament to the area’s lithium wealth.

  • Robust Infrastructure: Leverage existing regional infrastructure, enhancing mining efficiency and reducing setup costs.
  • Sustainable Mining Commitment: MST Minerals is dedicated to responsible mining practices, ensuring minimal environmental impact and community engagement.
  • Your Gateway to Lithium Wealth This mining claim offers a unique opportunity to tap into the lucrative lithium market, backed by the rich geological heritage of Mberengwa and the proven success of the Sandawana Mine. Join MST Minerals in pioneering sustainable lithium mining in this promising region. For more information on this exciting opportunity, reach out to us.